Washed African Burundi Gahahe Coffee (12 oz. Whole Bean) Batdorf & Bronson

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A Rising Coffee Star

In the cup you will experience a bold and flavorsome coffee. Apricot, tangerine,and hibiscus are all flavor attributes used to describe this delightful elixir.

This is a wonderful example of what Burundi has to offer. We are so happy that the hard work of Greenco, and the dedication of small lot farmers, allows us to buy coffee we can stand behind at every stage of the value chain.


The overarching company responsible for Gahahe and the eight washing stations in the Kayanza district is called Greenco, whose motto is “Hope Through Coffee.” To follow their mission of improving the lives of family farmers, Greenco trains agronomists to provide all their producers with knowledgeable support.

In addition to good agricultural practices, Greenco has also outfitted the washing station with solar panels to provide all electricity on site. All water used in processing is treated and all pulp is composted and returned to producers as fertilizer.


The name Gahahe refers to the washing station that produces this lovely coffee. The name is derived from the Igihahe tree that is native to the area. It has cacti-like branches and is more commonly known as the Candelabra tree.

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