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  • Episode 14: We visited Jekyll Island, GA for the 17th annual Georgia Organics Conference. Also, Mara prepares a delicious Mana meal chili recipe!

  • Episode 13: This month we satisfied our chocolate crave while visiting Atlanta's premier bean-to-bar chocolate company, Cacao Atlanta. Also, check out Maras tip for a romantic Valentine's Day treat for that special someone!

  • Episode 12: This month we take you behind the scenes in Americus, GA where we visited Café Campesino. These guys are the real deal! Also, wait till you see Mara’s brilliant fall dessert classic!

  • Episode 11: Jonathon Tescher of Sparta Imperial Mushrooms gave us a lesson on mycelium and let us tour his mushroom farm. Also, Mara prepares a delicious Lions Mane Fettuccine recipe.

  • Episode 10: This month we take you behind the scenes at Pure Bliss Organics! Their products are SO amazing! Also, don't miss Mara's delicious Grilled Pork recipe!

  • Episode 9: This month we visited New Sprout Farms in Asheville, North Carolina. Also, Mara shares a delicious grilled veggie skewers recipe!

  • Episode 8: This month we visited Hometown Honey to see what all the buzz is about! And add some pep to your step with Maras perfect summer kale smoothie recipe!

  • Episode 7: We visited Darby Farms outside of Athens, GA to learn about their pasture raised chickens. If you've never prepared a whole bird...Mara breaks it down in this month’s simple roasted chicken recipe.

  • Episode 6: Nature's Garden visited Atlanta Fresh Creamery in this month's episode. If you haven't tried their's pretty amazing! If that's not convincing, check out what Mara's up to with this month's Spring Parfait recipe.

  • Episode 5: Nature's Garden takes you 'Behind the produce' with this months episode! And Chef Mara whips up some more culinary excellence!

  • Episode 4: We visited the Mills Farm up in Athens, GA for a behind the scenes look at the Red Mule products. The most exciting part was meeting 'Luke' the mule! And...Chef Mara's at it again!

  • Episode 3: We recently visited the Capra Gia farm in Carrollton, GA. The secret behind their award winning cheeses - these goats...such amazing creatures! And watch chef Mara prepare another mouth watering dish...yum!

  • Episode 2: Nature's Garden visits Mountain Fresh Creamery in Clermont Georgia and prepare a yummy organic salad!

  • Episode 1: We visit Sweetwater Growers and cook up an Organic Butternut Squash recipe in our first episode of Nature’s Garden TV.

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