How We Work

  1. You must become a member in order to enjoy service. Membership is Free, No sign-up fee, and absolutely no commitment.
  2. During the sign up process, we ask you to choose a box type and a size. Boxes are based on family size (# of people): Tiny 1-2, Small 2-3, Medium 3-4, Large 4 plus. Box contents change weekly based on what's in season. You are able to customize your subscription by choosing your likes and dislikes in the 'Preferences' section after you have completed the sign up process.
  3. Members receive an email every week letting them know that their personal order is available to view online.
  4. Once you receive your weekly email, simply log-in to make changes to your order or to purchase any additional items. Orders will be delivered to your home or office on your specified delivery day.
  5. You consistently enjoy the freshest local produce delivered automatically right to your home or office. It's that simple!