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Local, Organic Foods for Health and Allergies

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A year ago this week, I began my journey with Nature’s Garden Express as a sales associate, brand ambassador, and now our digital marketing manager. Every week since I joined our team I’ve had the fortune of receiving a small sized box of local and organic foods. This dietary change has resulted in a complete transformation of my health and wellbeing. Continue reading Local, Organic Foods for Health and Allergies

Nature’s Garden Express now Offering Sourdough Rye Bread

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Sourdough Rye Bread from Scandia Bread in Fayetteville, GA. At Nature’s Garden, we always strive to bring you the best products available. We want to offer a variety of nutritional products and support local farmers or businesses whenever possible. That’s why we are excited to be offering Scandia Bread produced right here in Fayetteville, GA!

Scandia Bread bakes 100% Organic Sourdough High Fiber Rye Bread according to a authentic Finnish Recipe. It is packed high in fiber and low in fat for a healthy bread the whole family will love. With No Preservatives, No Sugar, 9 Grams of Fiber and 6 Grams of Protein, and all the benefits of whole grain rye… It’s the healthy Choice.

Scandia bread selection is kept limited in order to focus on the unique quality of the bread they bake. They only use organic rye and organic wheat grain. The amount of wheat in the two products containing it is no more than 5 percent. No preservatives are used in any of Scandia’s products.

Ingredients are simply Organic Whole Rye, Water, Organic Whole Wheat, Refined Sea Salt, and Dry Yeast. You can read more about Scandia Bread Company here.