New Book, Organic Manifesto, Beckons us To Eat Organic

The average grocery stores contains an average of over 45,000 items. We are faced with so many labels to weed through. What’s the best? Low fat? Free range? High Fiber? Some labels are more important than others. Organic matters. But some products are more important to buy organic than others. Many scientists say organic is more nutritious than conventionally grown food, while others say it’s not. It is tiresome hearing this over and over and leads many of us to “eat what’s available when we’re hungry and try not to think too much about it because it’s all so disheartening and confusing,” writes Maria Rodale in her new book, Organic Manifesto.

Sadly, not buying organic food is a mistake that we can no longer afford to make. According to new studies, eating organic foods can help you build more muscle and burn more fat. The added benefit of buying organic is protecting our environment from harmful pesticides. Here are some top foods you probably buy regularly and should be eating organic. Remember because these are nataural and don’t contain harmful ingredients or like hormones or preservatives, they are better for you.


Um, did we mention that these are all items that are available from Nature’s Garden Express? Yep. Just click a few buttons and you can have these healthy and organic items shipped right to your front door. Oh and don’t forget about other items like jams, honey, loose leaf teas, pasta sauces and even dog biscuits for fido!

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