Water Buffalo Ground (1 lb.) Carrell Farms

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Water buffalo ground is a delicious substitute for any ground beef recipe! Cook over medium heat until just brown. No need to drain - any excess fat is highly nutritious! Excellent for burgers, chili, meat loaf, sloppy joes, spaghetti sauce, etc.! Be sure to try our famous Buffalo Con Queso recipe. Children and adults alike really love it!

Why water buffalo? Well why not? Water Buffalo tastes great! It has an honest red meat flavor with no gaminess. There is no need to marinade or over season our water buffalo as the flavor is grown right in.

Rest assured our water buffalo are 100% grassfed and finished.  They are produced without GMOs, chemicals, hormones, nor antibiotics of any kind.

The good people at Carrell Farms would like to remind you 'It's okay to be different'.

Carrell Farms Grassfed Water Buffalo is a healthy meat.  Along with the well known health benefits of grassfed meats in general, water buffalo is higher in iron than any other meat.  It contains significant levels of zinc.  Australian studies have shown water buffalo to be 43% lower in cholesterol than beef!

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