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Nature's Garden Express supports the Ellijay Wildlife Sanctuary


The Wildlife Sanctuary located in Ellijay, is a rescue, rehabilitation and release facility for the wild indigenous animals of Georgia, from the smallest mammals and reptiles to the largest carnivores and birds of prey. 

Their mission is to promote not only the protection of wildlife and habitat, but also the importance of conservation issues as they relate to the quality of human life.

In addition, the sanctuary cares for over 65 animals that have come into their care after being injured in the wild. Each spring, the sanctuary’s population of animals can soar by over 50% as orphaned animals are brought into the sanctuary, from baby squirrels and raccoons to birds of prey, fawns and bear cubs. Each of these requires specialized hand-feeding so they can be reintroduced into the wild.

Nature's Garden Express donates it's leftover produce each week to the Wildlife Sanctuary. We are proud to support this organization and all of its animals.



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