All that is needed to form a co-op is a “host”, a drop off location, and a minimum of 4 orders.

The benefits are simple:

  • We pass our fuel and time savings on to you. The members of the Co-op receive a discount on their box.
  • Each member of the co-op will have their own profile and subscription with personalized size, type, frequency, preferences, and hold options.
  • These arrangements work well in neighborhoods, schools, gyms and also at the office.

If interested in setting up a Co-op in your area or to join an existing Co-op, send us an email info@naturesgardenexpress.com or give us a call 770-441-9976.

If you already know which Co-op you would like to join, you may select Join Co-op to choose from the drop down list of available Co-ops.


If we do not have an active co-op in your area, we may still offer Home Delivery, or give us a call about starting your own co-op.
Actual number of boxes delivered each week may vary.