"This company rocks. Good veggies and fruit at good price with good customer service." ~ Frank W.

"I have been using NGE for about a month now and love it...the quality is great and it's wonderful not having to think about buying fruits and veggies..." Read more

Shan B.

"Oh I love this company...They also helped me set up a gift box for my brother, which was an awesome gift option. Love them...Will continue indefinitely." Read more

Shay H.

"I love NGE. I've been getting a small mixed box from them for a couple of months now and I have been thrilled. I have loved everything..." Read more

Lindy F.

"Awesome Point #1: I get fruit and veggies delivered to my front door...on the same price point or lower than Whole Foods and send better quality foods." Read more

Candace H.

"I completely love them - the service is awesome, and delivery is perfect every time...I'm amazed at the stuff they are able to get even in the winter..." Read more


"I got yummy, crisp apples and juicy tangelos and literally the most beautiful head of lettuce I have ever seen...super quick and efficient..." Read more

Laura R.

"I love that you can select your preferences and exchange items before your box is delivered...To say I'm excited about [NGE] is an understatement!" Read more

Kristen H.

" I'm really picky about produce, everything is fresh and beautiful and better than if I picked it out myself! I just wish I had discovered this service sooner." Read more

Kim C.

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nature's Garden Delivered!! I've been with them for a few months now, and haven't been disappointed once!" Read more

Panida S.

"I have been a client for about a year and have been so impressed with the quality of produce and the service. Great company!" ~ Cindy B.

"This place is fantastic. The produce is always fresh and absolutely delicious. It tastes like it came out of my own garden..." Read more

Sarah H.

"I have been a client for at least a month and I couldn't be happier that I found this place! I get delivered a tiny box of mixed vegetables and fruit..." Read more

Sol A.

"Over the past few days, I have had the freshest salads and sweetest fruit...I have eaten in a long time. I really wish I had started this service sooner..." Read more

Naima W.

"I Love this service. Fresh organic produce delivered on a schedule based on your preference (weekly, bi-weekly, etc) to your door in a well-packed box..." Read more

Katherine B.

Excellent produce quality and freshness. I am so happy...This has saved me from driving to Atlanta from Jonesboro with a toddler. I love it!!" Read more

Jami O.

"We have been using Nature's Garden for over a year. I picked it because of the convenience of delivery vs having to go to a farmer's market..." Read more

Kathryn R.

"I love it. This is the second time that I have used this service since I've been in Atlanta...The meat from Tinks is grassfed and AWESOME!!" Read more

Kat V.

"Everything in it was so fresh and beautiful, and there was a lot of stuff. I agree that the pricing is pretty much in line with what you'd pay for organic..." Read more

Katie W.

"Imagine a world where a delightful little box of organic...fresh fruits, veggies, grass fed meats, farm fresh eggs, and bakery fresh..." Read more

Carrie F.

"Great customer service, and you can makes changes to your order online!" ~ Nicole M.

"Love, love, love this service! I actually looked at a few different services before I chose these guys. They have wider delivery area than most services..." Read more

Vik D.

"I just received my first small box from Nature's Garden and know that I'm going to be hooked! I got a great sized box with lots of veggies and fruits..." Read more

Vivian F.

"If you are big into organic fruits and vegetables and don't like paying the big chain grocery stores for their over-hypted "organic" products..." Read more

Brian A.

"Love it!...I get a tiny box every other week full of fresh, organic, local produce...even tastes better than the ones I usually get at Harry's." Read more

Marina T.

"I like the feature where you can swap out items of your box for others. If you don't have time to go shopping, are bad at picking out fresh fruit..." Read more

Danielle C.

"I love waking up on Saturday mornings to find a box of treats on my front porch...It's a personal experience that is worth every penny..." Read more

Sheree H.

"Some of the freshest highest quality produce I have ever seen and wonderful customer service. They really go out of their way..." Read more

Heather T.

"Fantastic fruit and veggies - I came about this service via Groupon and decided to give it a try. We were so entirely impressed..." Read more

Cindy O.

"I love this place. Affordable, fresh produce brought directly to your door. They use local and out of state growers (your choice) to bring fresh fruit..." Read more

Tiffinye L.

"I love this service! Groceries delivered to my house each week is so convenient. The Mountain Fresh Milk is worth ordering for alone." Read more

Timothy S.

"I love this service.  There is flexibility and variety without tons of involvement...They do a great job packing the food, and they will reuse boxes...." Read more

Adrienne I.