Our Mission

To provide our community

easy access to nutritious & affordable food, while supporting local farmers & producers who practice sustainable agriculture.

Moving Food From the Farm to Your Table

Nature's Garden will accomplish this mission by educating individuals and families about the food we offer, ensuring our farmers receive a fair price for the fruits of their labor and providing great value for our members.

Our Purpose


To humbly serve our customers with the respect they expect and deserve

We strive to make our customers proud to be our customers.


To make a positive impact on the communities we serve

We contribute to the general welfare and prosperity of the communities we serve by providing nutritional food, education, and information on the value of sustainable agriculture.


Create a rewarding atmosphere for our employees

It's possible to succeed as an economic engine for the community without compromising our core values or integrity. Creating meaningful employment opportunities while minimizing our company's carbon footprint creates a mutually beneficical "warm and fuzzy" ripple effect throughout the communities we respectfully serve.


To create a motivating, positive work setting in which stellar performance is the norm

Happy workers who are passionate about their jobs are the most productive workers. We hire talented, self-motivated team workers who are philosophically aligned with our company's mission, purpose, and objectives. Our employee policy is non-discriminatory and designed to respect, recognize, and reward exceptional work.