How it Works

Nature's Garden Express makes eating healthy easier than ever before!

We've partnered with the best organic farms and sustainable food producers to bring the highest quality produce, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and artisan foods right to your door...with the convenience of one-stop shopping. Here's how to get started!

1 Choose A Box

Choose from small to large, or build your own box. Select from fruit, veggies, mixed, local-only or build-a-box.

2 Pick Your Schedule

Order whenever you need a box. Use our weekly or every other week service, or send one time as a gift.

3 Set Your Preferences

You're free to remove certain items from your box or add standing order items that you want in every box

4 Shop How You Want

Order online from local farmers and food artisans. Shop by recipes from our cooking community.Learn about weekly sales, discounts and specials.

5 Get What You Want

Make substitutions, add, or remove items from your box. Deliveries are available Mon - Fri. Are you ready to start shopping?    Join Now!