Organic UV Protection from Bare Belly Organics

As the temperature warms and we have more sunshine filled days, the need for UV protection increases. It is important to protect our skin from the suns rays year round but warmer weather means more exposure. 

This spring we are turning to Bare Belly Organics’ handmade chemical free sunscreens to keep our skin healthy and burn-free.  All of their products are gluten free, chemical free, FDA compliant, organic, pure, safe and natural! We currently carry their Sunscreen Body Stick, Sunscreen Cream, Sunscreen Face Stick, Deet-Free Bug Spray, and Assorted Lip Balms. These products can be found online here.


What does SPF really mean?

According to Bare Belly Organics, SPF is a measure of how much solar energy (UV radiation) is required to produce sunburn on protected skin (i.e., in the presence of sunscreen) relative to the amount of solar energy required to produce sunburn on unprotected skin. As the SPF value increases, sunburn protection increases. An SPF 30 provides 97% protection. From there the numbers just get silly, with an SPF 45 offering only 1% more protection.

There is a common misconception that SPF reflects amount of time spent in the sun. Rather, this measure is realtive to the amount of sunburn protection provided by sunscreens so that consumers can compare the level of protection provided by different sunscreens.

Bare Belly Organics utilizes Non-Nanoparticle Zinc Oxide, the broadest spectrum UVA/UVB reflector approved by FDA. In addition, non-nanoparticle zinc is specifically chosen to minimize, to all extent possible, any absorption of zinc into the skin. They have an assortment of products, including ones safe for babies, ranging from SPF 30-34. These Organic products are very gentle and suitable for all skin types.

About Bare Belly Organics

Founders Lisa and Jill are both moms who were concerned with the amount of chemicals in their every day products. When Lisa became a nurse, she was shocked by the high prevalence of childhood cancers – this led her to live as chemical-free as possible in order to preserve her family’s health.

“When I first starting researching sunscreen ingredients I was very upset to see that most of the approved ingredients are carcinogens and hormone disruptors! I found it impossible to find a truly natural and chemical free product so I started making my own…” – Lisa

Over the years, Jill started making changes and not only started making her own sunscreen, but also laundry soap, dish detergent, and a host of other household cleaning products. Lisa and Jill are living reminders of the importance of using safe ingredients in not only our diets, but also the products we use daily as they affect our health too.

Learn more about Bare Belly Organics products on their website and try one of their products in your box this week! With Spring Break coming up, we’ll definitely be tossing a few sunscreen sticks into our beach bags!

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