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Wheatgrass Elixirs for Health & Longevity

IMG_20160314_153832Stop by our Krog Street Market stall to try one of our organic Wheatgrass Elixirs! Feeling the effects of spring allergies? Try the Soulgrass, a delicious combination of wheatgrass, ginger, turmeric, and lemon that helps boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Other offerings include:

  • Wheatgrass & Ginger Shots
  • Mintgrass – wheatgrass, mint, lemon
  • Hempgrass – wheatgrass, hemp, cinnamon
  • Hotshot – wheatgrass, lemon, cayenne
  • Uptown Buddha – orange, turmeric

Wheatgrass is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient, rich in living chlorophyll. Chlorophyll gives plants their green pigmentation and boasts high magnesium and oxygen content. According to Hippocrates Health Institute, two ounces of wheatgrass juice has the equivalent of five pounds of raw organic vegetables! Not only is wheatgrass high in Vitamin A and C, it also contains all B vitamins, a variety of minerals, and it is a complete source of protein. This young grass also acts as a powerful detoxifier, benefiting the liver and blood in our bodies. Continue reading Wheatgrass Elixirs for Health & Longevity

NGE at Krog Street Market

On Monday February 15, 2016 Nature’s Garden Express opened its first storefront at the vibrant Krog Street Market in the heart of Inman Park. 

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Nature’s Garden Express Coming Soon to Krog Street Market

What’s not to love about the Krog Street Market, right? It’s got incredible restaurants and fast casual spots if you are in a hurry and want to grab something to go, a place to sip on a beer or glass of wine while you peruse the different shops and now (drumroll)…Nature’s Garden Express.

Don’t worry! We’re still delivering fresh goods right to your door as usual, but we’re adding a store presence in the Krog Street Market in the Old 4th Ward. For those who don’t have home delivery, or just want to augment their regular order, you’ll have the option of buying from us later this year.

“Our goals are to make healthy living easy, fun, accessible, affordable, and aspirational for the community. We couldn’t be more excited about coming to the Krog Street Market,” said Michael Kirk and Scott Frishman, owners. The more we started hanging out at the Market, the ambience sunk in and we knew it would be a good fit for us and for the neighborhood.”

We’re excited to be the  first grocer to join the market. Here you’ll find many organic goods, cold pressed juices and staples like milk, eggs, and bread within our  410 square foot market stall. Additionally, we’ll have artisanal foods such as nut butters, hummus, pasta sauces, kombuchas, dried grains and olive oils.