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Local, Organic Foods for Health and Allergies

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A year ago this week, I began my journey with Nature’s Garden Express as a sales associate, brand ambassador, and now our digital marketing manager. Every week since I joined our team I’ve had the fortune of receiving a small sized box of local and organic foods. This dietary change has resulted in a complete transformation of my health and wellbeing. Continue reading Local, Organic Foods for Health and Allergies

Easter Aches: Alternatives for Allergy Sufferers

Image Source: NY Daily News / Andrew Schwartz
Image Source: NY Daily News / Andrew Schwartz

Don’t let food allergies ruin you Easter festivities. Whether you are the host or the one who suffers from allergies, you’ll be glad you stumbled upon this article for ways to avoid your celebration being ruined. There are plenty of sweet treats for those with gluten, dairy, nut and food dye intolerances without losing any of the taste.

All it takes is a little planning to make sure you have the goods on hand a head of time. Did you know there are so many gluten free dessert options now? You can get them in the form of macarons, marshmallow chicks and more. It just takes a bit of research. Go nuts with nut-free Easter egg-shaped sugar cookies or get your faux chocolate fix with a vegan peanut butter Easter bunny. If you are the host, you can ask your guests ahead of time if they have allergies, but it is always a good idea to keep some of these items (especially gluten-free) on hand in case someone shows up with a plus one who has allergies.

If you are a guest with allergies, it isn’t impolite to show up with your own cookies, or dessert if you know you have a food allergy. Just make sure to let the host know why you aren’t having any of the cake she slaved away to make.

Food allergies affect nearly 15 million Americans according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and that number is on the rise. “Everyone knows the anticipation and pure bliss of digging through your Easter basket, but what if you were allergic to sugar, dairy or even chocolate? It wouldn’t make for a very festive holiday,” says Jodi Feinhor-Dennis, who started a confection company which specializes in dairy-free goodies that feature tasty flavor combinations from a mix of ingredients like coconut, almond, sea salt, mint lime and vanilla chai.

Happy Easter!

A Natural Cure for Pollen Allergies?

Spring is in the air. Why is it that such a slogan evokes a notion of birds happily chirping away and verdant flowers everywhere? The reality for most of us is that our cars and basically anything outdoors is shrouded in a cloud of yellow dust.

With the yellow haze that surrounds us all during pollen season, there’s the other side effect besides ugly yellow dust: allergies. Headaches, sore throat, watery eyes, runny nose…so what’s an allergy sufferer to do for some relief? Sure, you can head to your doctor for a script. Ten other things may go wrong with you but that runny nose will go away.

Now, I’m not doctor, and there have been no scientific studies to back me up on this, but there may be a better way to go about trying to cure your allergies, a natural way. The answer is…Honey.

source: sandrunpharmacy.com
source: sandrunpharmacy.com

Honey works much in the same way a vaccination would. Stick with me here. During pollination, pollen spores are transferred to honey. By eating honey, the honey introduces pollen (in small amounts) to your body. Your body then becomes used to it and develops an immunity to pollen and therefore, allergies associated with it.

According to research, this must be local honey (produced within 50 miles of where you live). This makes sense as the pollen must match up with the bees that produced it to develop any kind of inoculation. Lucky for you, Natures Garden carries several varieties of locally produced honey. Add one to your order today.