Local, Organic Foods for Health and Allergies

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A year ago this week, I began my journey with Nature’s Garden Express as a sales associate, brand ambassador, and now our digital marketing manager. Every week since I joined our team I’ve had the fortune of receiving a small sized box of local and organic foods. This dietary change has resulted in a complete transformation of my health and wellbeing.

Georgia is seeing an exceptional amount of pollen this spring, and recently I realized that this is first year ever that I am experiencing no allergy symptoms. I have lived in Georgia my entire life but attribute my newfound immunity to the dietary changes I have made. For the last year, nearly all of the food I have consumed has come from the wonderful farms that Nature’s Garden Express sources from. I think the only food items I have bought at the grocery store – and I’m not kidding here – are chocolate and chips which always seem to run out before my next box order. Why go to the grocery store when NGE carries everything I could ever need?

GatheredTable Box
A look into a past box that I received last summer!

Not only have my allergies completely disappeared, but I also feel like my body is being truly nourished. As a former dietetics student at Georgia State University and aspiring Naturopath, eating a well-balanced and healthy diet is a top priority. Nature’s Garden Express has made that accessible to me and so many others in the Greater Atlanta Area.

A look into boxes of week’s past:

Previously on the blog, I discussed the importance of eating seasonally and how seasonal, local produce helps to protect the environment, benefit our health, and support farmers who grow foods sustainably. Eating organic seasonal foods from local sources also helps to reduce the effect of common allergens on our poor sinuses.

Our immune systems are directly related with digestive health and by making smart food decisions, we can boost our immune functioning. Here are a few examples of healthy foods we can incorporate into our diets to support our immune functioning and lessen the effects of uncomfortable and dangerous allergies:

  • Cold-Pressed Juices like our tasty Greens with Benefits, Ruby Rose, or Sunrise Supreme which all have immune boosting, anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fruits such as apples, blueberries, papaya, and vitamin-c rich fruits are a great place to start.
  • Try Green Vegetables such as broccoli spinach, brussels sprouts, kalettes, and asparagus.
  • Vitamin A rich Orange & Yellow vegetables such as carrots, squash, peppers, and pumpkin are just a few examples.
  • Increase your Omega-3 Intake with Fish and fish oil. We particularly love responsibly sourced seafood from Lummi Island Wild!

Another allergy reducing food is local honey produced by bees that live in your area. Every day, bees visit hundreds of thousands of plants to collect the nectar that provides them with nourishment and helps them to produce honey. When visiting these nectar sources, bees inadvertently collect small amounts of pollen that in turn ends up in the honey supply. Local honey contains trace amounts of the types of pollen most common in our area. Some sources recommend incorporating local bee pollen itself into our diets as well!

Looking for local honey? Click here!

Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive to consume the very same pollen that causes our seasonal allergies? Actually no! Just like the saying we all heard growing up, “A little dirt won’t hurt!” the same goes for micro amounts of pollen found in our honey and food supply. Over time, our immune system figures out how to deal with allergens present in pollen in a healthy normal way. This building of immunity in turn prevents pesky allergy symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, or itchy eyes. Learn more about how to protect the bees in your area in this blog post. 

Every individual is different and my story is just one in number. Although eating a diet of only local and organic ingredients provided to me by Nature’s Garden Express has improved my health, please consult with your physician on how to achieve your health goals. Upon reflection of my last year here, I am grateful for how working with Nature’s Garden Express has transformed my life, all that I have learned about health and wellness, and the greater appreciation of how our food should be sourced and grown I now have.

What are our customers saying?

Caylee N. reviewed Nature’s Garden Express5 star

I love this service. I love the produce, and the price is great! I also love the swap option and how simple it is. The convenience of it being delivered to my door is fabulous! We have to try our hardest to finish our small mixed box every week, but if we have leftover greens or veggies we freeze them for future recipes.

Amy P. reviewed Nature’s Garden Express5 star

I can’t rave enough about how much this company and service has saved my sanity. I stay at home with my two toddlers, my husband goes to school during the day and works at night, and he needs extra time for studying and drafting. This service has saved me so much time and stress because I now don’t have to sift through produce at the grocery stores and end up dealing with whatever their best might be. I love that quality produce is picked for me and delivered to my door. All I have to do is spend 5 minutes with my coffee in the morning picking what I want/need and bam. Life easier. Now I can spend more time playing with my crumbsnatchers <3 thank you!

Lindsey B. reviewed Nature’s Garden Express5 star

We’ve been getting boxes for a little over a month now and we love it! Fresh produce that varies every week and flexibility to swap things out of your order if you get something you’d like to skip this week. Everything is reasonably priced compared to grocery store prices and the “small” box is more than enough to get my family of 3 through the week eating healthy. Great service as well – we were out of town last week and got a call from the Nature’s Garden staff to make sure we would be home to get our produce after our neighbors let them know we were gone. I have nothing but praise for the staff and product!

Jori B. reviewed Nature’s Garden Express5 star

I absolutely love all the fresh and organic fruits and veggies. I decided to take more control of what my son and I eat and I am so proud to support the farmers that take the initiative to grow food the healthy way without all the harmful chemicals! You guys make getting good food convenient and customer service is great!

How has a diet of organic and local ingredients transformed your health? I would love to hear your story! Please connect with us on social media or submit a review on our Facebook page. Here’s to another year of a happy, well nourished, and healthy body!


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