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A Seed is Planted

Nature’s Garden began in January 2009 when founders Michael Kirk and Scott Frishman decided to follow their vision of starting an organic food delivery business. The real beginning though dates back to the mid-nineties when both were freshmen at Auburn University.

Staying in Touch

Michael and Scott palled around while pursuing their studies at Auburn and remained friends after they graduated. Scott went on to work for Honda as a Chassis engineer. Michael relocated to Colorado and ended up going to work for an organic produce company. It was there where he began to recognize the importance of the food we put into our bodies.

“We attribute much of our success to our members. We’re grateful for every one of our customers as they’ve embarked on this journey alongside us.”

When Life Hands You Lemons – Start Delivering Them

The final months of 2008 unleashed sudden and sweeping economic change in the global economy. Amid debates about how long and broad this period of change would be , Michael was able to coax Scott, his longtime friend away from the auto industry in order to pursue this idea of building a fun company focused on something progressive within the community. Together they forged a path towards their goal of starting an organic food delivery business. In January of 2009, their vision became a reality and Nature’s Garden Express opened for business in Atlanta, GA.

Organically Grown and Growing

Nature’s Garden has built a loyal following and continues to lead the way as Atlanta’s premier organic online grocer. We attribute much of our success to our members. Over the years we have focused so much on value, honesty, hard work and also ensuring that our customers are proud to be our customers. Everyone can play a part in moving our food supply in a more sustainable direction. It is our hope that organic farming will become the leading form of agriculture.

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi,

    On a visit to Atlanta, I fell in love with your juice. Do you ship to other states…. California in particular?


    1. Hi Ruth! We just partnered with FedEx in order to be able to ship our products (specifically juices) throughout the country. Please subscribe to the blog to receive updates on when this rolls out! You may also contact our owners Michael & Scott for specific details by emailing mgmt@naturesgardenexpress.com.

    2. Ruth – just came across this convo from the spring and wanted to follow up to let you know we’re now shipping juice and sustainable groceries. Let us know if you need anything. Hope all’s well (:

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